Friday, June 7, 2013


I have to preface this by first saying that I know I am a horrible blogger.  I haven't updated our family blog in over a year and I don't think that is going to change.  But I do have three specific reasons why I wanted to start another blog.

1.  After we received the news about our precious baby boy, I got so much peace and comfort from reading other people's blogs who have been down this path.  I still read blogs from these families and love to hear about their experiences.  Every child with HLHS is a little different so it is nice to get some kind of an idea about what is in our future.  So I guess I am doing this to "pay it forward" to other heart families in the future.

2.  There are many family members and friends that we want to keep informed about things and not enough time to call them all.  Plus, passing messages from one person to the next can get tiring and confusing.  So we are doing this to keep others informed.

3.  I have already heard from other heart families that so much happens so fast with HLHS babies that they almost forget what they have been through and how far they have come.  So I am also doing this to keep a record for ourselves.

Now hopefully I can get myself to actually do it.

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  1. Good reasons to blog, I hadn't thought about these before. You have already come a long way!