Monday, June 17, 2013

Sisters By Heart Care Package

In the past month I have done more googling of HLHS than anything else.  It has been so helpful to read other people's experiences with this.  Every situation is so different, and every family has different experiences, but it is so helpful to know what we may expect.  No one writes the book of "What to Expect When You're Expecting a Baby With HLHS."  But I guess that's because things can go so many different ways.

Anyway, one wonderful thing I found through all my internet research (What would I do without the internet??) is the website Sisters By Heart.  They are a group of HLHS heart moms who keep a blog and send care packages to support families with HLHS babies.  I sent in a request for a care package a few weeks ago and didn't tell Jeff.  I wanted to surprise him with something thoughtful, I guess.  The package came on Friday and it was so much fun to open.  They did a wonderful thing and put a small note on each item explaining why it may be helpful in the future.  We loved it.  It was wonderful!

Here's a list of what was inside...

  • Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets - I've heard amazing things about these.  I'm so excited to start using them!
  • A homemade flannel blanket - Super cute and very thoughtful.
  • Hand sanitizer and moisturizer - Necessary to keep germs away.
  • Car seat sign - It says, "Please wash your hands before touching mine."  This can be used once we finally get to take him out of the hospital and/or house.  
  • Sisters By Heart Pen
  • a heart ring - for mom
  • a deck of cards - for dad to keep busy during long hours in the hospital
  • ZoLi bottles - I don't know much about these, but apparetly they are environmentally friendly.  
  • canvas bag - A huge, nice bag that everything came in.
  • Sisters By Heart Notebook
  • Baby Legs - I've heard these are great for keeping your baby "dressed" in the hospital, but not interfering with all the cords, tubes, and diaper changes. 
  • Pacifier
  • EZ AXS Hospital Gown - This has snaps in front and on each shoulder which can be opened to allow easy access to the baby's chest.
  • Zutano Side-Snap Onesie - I've heard these are great because the snaps allow tubes to easily fit through (in case he has to come home on oxygen or a feeding tube) and the snaps are on the sides instead of in front so it does not irritate chest scars.  Plus, this one is super cute!
Thanks so much Sisters By Heart!!!


  1. What great stuff! You will love those items for sure. Thanks for sharing your blog and your little guys journey with me!

  2. Awe, baby legs would be a great idea, I never thought of those! Also, I would love of those, Don't touch my hands signs. These are great gifts!

  3. You probably will need more Zutano side-snap onesies, right? Are they really $22.00? Have you found them cheaper anywhere?

    1. I haven't been able to find them any cheaper anywhere. They are SUPER expensive. I don't think I'll buy any more until I know if they are really necessary, or just nice to have. We'll see.