Sunday, September 29, 2013

Checked into the Hospital

Hello everyone!  My name is Marie Mathew.  I'm Laura's older sister posting on her behalf while she is busy delivering sweet Ethan into the world.  I'll do my best to keep the blog up to date for those of you following from afar.

Today we had a really nice day spending time with all of our family.  We gathered at our Mom and Dad's house in Parker, Colorado for a nice lunch.  After lunch we discussed the plan for tomorrow's delivery and the events that might follow.  Laura and Jeff received priesthood blessings of comfort and peace.  Around 5pm we all gave hugs and well wishes as Jeff and Laura left for the hospital.  Tonight they have checked in and the doctors and nurses are preparing Laura for induction in the morning.  Apparently the room is large and they are receiving excellent treatment already.  At this point some of the medicine has started to cause mild contractions (I think they are mild--so sorry Laura if that's not how you would describe them!)  These contractions are not expected to induce labor.  The true induction of labor is scheduled for tomorrow morning.  The exact time has not been specified.

As things progress tomorrow I will update the blog for Jeff and Laura.  We continue to appreciate all of your positive thoughts and prayers for dear Jeff and Laura and precious Ethan.


  1. Thank you for updating the blog! We will be anxiously checking in for news and praying that delivery is smooth and Ethan behaves himself! Much love and prayers to your whole family! Go Laura go!

  2. Thank you for keeping us updated! I will be on here often throughout the day for updates. Hope and prayers that everything goes well this morning and in the weeks ahead!