Monday, September 30, 2013

Still trying labor for now

The latest great news is that Ethan is healthy inside Laura's tummy right now.  They are going to try one more round of Pitocin and see how Ethan tolerates it this time.  If he's fine, she will continue this course.  If he has trouble again, they will proceed with the c-section.  It's unclear how a c-section affects Ethan's prognosis outside the womb.  We know that a vaginal delivery is better for his heart and lungs but if he can't tolerate labor that it the route she will have to take.  Everyone is in better spirits now that we have some hope again for a positive outcome.  Thank you for your texts, comments, thoughts, and prayers.  We appreciate all of you!

PS - He is tolerating a low dose of Pitocin right now.


  1. I do hope that you can avoid a c section. I was in labor with Grant for 28 hours because of the same thing. He did NOT tolerate Pitocin well Nd we had to take things very slowly. I was at the lowest drip rate the maternal fetal specialist had ever seen in labor (I was at .5 and stayed there for 12 hours. Most people are started at a 5 and then increased from there!) . Hopefully your team can just agree to take things slowly and let your body go at a slow pace as long as Ethan tolerates it. Thank you for the frequent updates!

  2. You have all been on my mind all day. Thanks for taking the time to update us all. We really all care so much about this little guy.