Monday, September 30, 2013

Ready for C-Section

Laura and Jeff have made a very well-informed decision to move forward with the c-section.  Laura is being prepped and Jeff is changing into scrubs right now.  They spoke to the pediatric cardiologist and he also feels like this is a good idea.  As soon as Ethan is born he will be taken to the cath lab for surgery.  Jeff and Laura will have a few seconds with him before he has to go.  Laura will come back to her room to recover with Mom and sisters.  Jeff and the grandfathers will stay with Ethan.  He should be born shortly.


  1. I hope he is here now and that surgery went smoothly. You are on my mind constantly today and I hope that you can all have peace as Ethan heads into his cath.

  2. Thank you for keeping everyone updated. Many prayers going their way.